Banking & Institutional

Banking & Institutional

You and your organization have worked diligently to set yourself apart from the rest. Let Thurston Springer help further that advantage.

We take a personal approach to each relationship, providing you and your organization products and services to help take you to the next level. Thurston Springer has forged relationships with world-class leaders in portfolio management, design, research and execution so that you can rest assured that the right people are watching your assets and at a cost that is unattainable by most.

Our approach is different. We sit down with you and your organization and figure out what you need and when. Since we do not have any proprietary products, we are free to align with the best to help you get where your organization needs to be. We have worked to remove all layers of cost so that you and your organization are provided with the highest quality management and investment at a cost that can that is justifiable. Thurston Springer has taken a new and unique approach to this type of relationship that provides you and your organization with something that is truly special.

Strategic Partners
Our comprehensive suite of products and services include:

  • Community Reinvestment Credit
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Securities Portfolio Management
  • Bank Qualified Investment Management
  • Capital Account Management
  • Portfolio Management and Design
  • Defined Benefit Programs
  • Buy/Sell Arrangements
  • 401k
  • Institutional Cash Management