For Advisors

For Advisors

“Our philosophy is simple: the client comes first, the employees second and the firm third. This creates clear goals while reducing red tape and bureaucracy.”

-Jim Titak (President)

Big Firm Resources, Small Firm Service.

Let Thurston Springer Help You Remember Why You Got Into This Business.

Dedicated To The Creation and Preservation of Wealth.

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At Thurston Springer we’ve learned that our success is directly related to the positive relationships that we’ve created with the individuals who work here. More importantly, we understand that you entered into the investment business for your own unique reasons. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where your business can flourish in an environment that is both supportive and experienced.

Committed to that belief since 1981, Thurston Springer has focused on creating and maintaining a cutting-edge, full-service broker/dealer and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Our structure not only provides the highest payouts plus industry leading compliance and operational support, but also allows you the freedom to succeed on your terms.

Whether it is structured independence or the fully independent model you desire, Thurston Springer has the tools necessary to help you succeed. Built by advisors for advisors, our two channels are streamlined to help you do your business.

If the idea of a culture that cares first and foremost about its relationship with you, knowing that in turn we will do all we can to support your relationships with your clients, appeals to you, we’d like to talk. We’re committed to improving the lives of our financial advisors and their clients.

The bottom line is this: For us to succeed as a company our responsibility is to make sure you are succeeding for the reasons you got into this business, whatever that takes. Take some time to look around the site and please let us know how we can help you get where you belong.

Listed below is a brief overview of our three channels to help you run your practice.

Structured Independence

For the financial advisor who requires control over their book of business, we have open architecture but still enjoy the feel of a traditional office setting. This full-service model takes care of everything you need to put you in business. With support staff, technology, furniture, benefits and more included, your focus is your clients and your business, we take care of the rest.

Fully Independent

For the Financial Advisor who enjoys taking care of every faucet of the business but requires a world class backbone to attach to. We sit very comfortably in this role helping you grow your business. Our fully independent channel lets you the advisor decide what products and services fit you and your clients while using the Thurston Springer chassis to help you achieve your goals.

Bank & Credit Union

Financial services in the banking channel is not new, but how it is implemented into current banking structure can be complicated. Depending on what model you and institution decide on, Thurston Springer can custom tailor a model that best fits your needs. We understand that one model does not fit all and we are eager and willing to help you design an investment program to help you and your clients succeed.

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