Advisor Recruitment
Do You Remember Why You Chose a Career in Investments?

Are you happy at your current firm? Would you like to be happy again?

At Thurston Springer, we’re committed to improving the lives of our clients and financial advisors. We understand you entered the investment business because you find helping clients achieve their financial goals to be personally and professionally satisfying. So do we. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where you can do good work for your clients, where we provide you the support and experience you need to allow your business to flourish.

Committed to that belief since 1981, Thurston Springer has focused on creating and maintaining a cutting-edge, full-service broker-dealer and SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) business.

Whether it is structured-independent (W2) or the fully-independent (1099) model you desire, our channels are streamlined to help you perform your business efficiently with high quality.

If you share our commitment to professionalism and service to the client, we’d love to have you, and we know you’d find it satisfying to be part of a like-minded team. Please complete this quick and easy form to open a discussion about joining Thurston Springer.

Fully Independent (1099)
The fully-independent, financial advisor wants to engage in each step of their business. They seek to grow their business within the confines of the law and regulations without having structured, office guidelines to infringe on their personal style. Several conveniences provided: firm-owned, world-class technology, a payout schedule in accordance with the book of business, freedom to work anywhere you like without a dress code. You build your own brand as you will be known to your clients, "your brand" of Thurston Springer.
Structured Independent (W2)
The structured-independent, financial advisor will be provided firm-owned, world-class technology, an office in our corporate headquarters at Keystone at the Crossing, administrative support staff, office furniture, a competitive benefits package including health insurance, 401(k), and a payout schedule in accordance with their book of business. Your focus is communicating and investing with your clients, not the overwhelming paperwork that may be waiting for you if you attempt to go it alone.

Let us show you the Thurston Springer difference: the ideal combination of smart ideas, sound investments, and personal attention to who you are, what you want, and what you need to know.

  • Why should I become an advisor with Thurston Springer?

    Top 3 reasons:

    1. Pay rate
    2. Flexibility
    3. Consolidated reporting system

    Pay rate is the #1 reason our advisors name for joining us (advisor survey, 2017). This rate is straight forward, not clouded by minimum productions for a multi-panel sales schematic, preventing a higher payout.

    Secondly, flexibility. If you’re licensed to sell “blank”, you’re not withheld i.e. insurance.

    Thirdly, Thurston-specific programs help our advisors immensely. We analyze and provide studied, investment products and services through our managed account system quarterly, then produce technology-forward financial data weighting those investment decisions according to client risk selection. Then, our ‘My Client’ program reevaluates account value every 30 minutes. Our consolidated reporting system makes your job easier.


  • What can I expect when I transition to Thurston as an Advisor?

    We listen, understand, and analyze the options with you, not for you. We create a confidential transition plan specifically for you.

    Your clients and their investments are respectfully handled with your personal and professional desires in mind.

  • How can I get started?


    Please contact our recruiters directly anytime, or complete the ‘Join Thurston Springer’ form on this page.

    Phone: 317.581.4000


  • “Our philosophy is simple: the client comes first, the employees second and the firm third. This creates clear goals while reducing red tape and bureaucracy.”

    James J. Titak - CEO & Chairman of the Board