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At Thurston Springer, we are very proud of our financial and insurance advisors (see Join Thurston for details). Financial and insurance advisors are comfortable working in our supportive, positive environment.

The financial and insurance advisors pictured below are located at our corporate headquarters. We boast no daily/weekly sales meetings or micromanagement to a band of products or a ‘sales pitch of the day.’

Thusrton’s insurance advisors are easily accessible with the experience and confidence to evaluate your insurance needs.

The financial advisors listed in the interactive map below work from independent offices located throughout the country.

Our advisors work solely for you, so please feel confident in contacting any Thurston Springer advisor.


Advisor Map
Fully-Independent Financial Advisors

This map indicates the presence of our fully-independent* financial advisors located within the United States. These advisors take full advantage of the freedom to work anywhere they like, building their own brand, while enjoying Thurston Springer’s robust technology platform.

*Fully-independent advisors are independent of Thurston Springer’s managerial control, but not supervisory control.