9000 Keystone Crossing, Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46240


Lynette Herd

Chief Financial Officer

Lynette Herd began her career in the securities industry in Chicago, Illinois, in 1968. In 1980, she relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana, and was one of the original founders of Thurston Springer (TS).

Her position with the firm since inception has been that of Chief Financial Officer and Director of Compliance until 2017. She now serves as Chief Financial Officer. Lynette has worked with regulators and securities industry organizations to ensure that TS and its employees remain compliant in all matters pertaining to securities laws and regulations. Lynette currently holds General Securities, General Securities Principal and Financial and Operational Principal licenses.

Lynette resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband, Richard. She is active in her church and enjoys traveling, hiking.

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