Retirement plans are a key benefit for your organization. A solid plan with a variety of investment options is an asset to both recruiting and retention.  

Unfortunately, acting as a plan sponsor is complex. We are committed to providing plan sponsors with the resources and knowledge necessary to achieve plan excellence. With our dedication and guidance, we provide a detail-oriented approach that helps to streamline the processes of plan design, investment monitoring, fiduciary compliance, participant education, and fee benchmarking.

Thurston Springer Retirement Services provides plan fiduciaries with comprehensive consulting services to help them create competitive, holistic plan designs that address company goals and help drive participants working toward retirement readiness.

Our team of experts provide plan design assistance and guide plan sponsors through the ever-evolving retirement plan landscape.

Retirement Plan Consulting
Specialists in the Tax-Exempt and Healthcare Markets
Executive Benefits

Thurston Springer Retirement Services provides consulting to a wide variety of plan sponsor clients, including public and private corporations, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.  We work with all types of institutional retirement plans including defined benefit and defined contribution plans.


Our non-fiduciary services include:

  • Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit plan design assistance
  • Vendor searches, benchmarking and management
  • Investment Policy Statement preparation and/or review
  • Plan transition coordination
  • Participant education and communication – holistic and value-based
  • Financial wellness strategies
  • Fiduciary training

 To help plan sponsors manage risk, we offer the following fiduciary services:

  • Investment oversight – selection assistance, monitoring, reporting and open architecture investment structure
  • Investment selection, review and monitoring
  • Plan design assistance with potential enhancement
  • Assist in identifying Qualified Default Investment Alternative (“QDIA”)
  • Investment recommendations

From dealing with the latest 403(b), 401(a), 457, 401(k) or Pension plan regulations and the increased risks that come with them, to finding the time to file reports and communicate with administrators and participants at key deadlines, managing a retirement plan at a healthcare organization or government agency is more challenging than ever.


Lower personal and financial risks by partnering with Thurston Springer to help you comprehensively manage all six primary areas of risk:

• Fees & Expenses
• Compliance/Actuarial
• Investments
• Mergers & Acquisitions, Conversions
• Participants
• Fiduciary Governance 

Our Executive Benefits programs help business owners and key executives supplement their retirement savings using tax-efficient strategies.

We understand how to bridge the gap created by limits on 401(k) deferrals, matching plans, and social security benefits to work towards building wealth for highly compensated individuals. Our long-term, tax-aware strategies include:

  • Plan design assistance
  • Non-qualified plan financing
  • Fee benchmarking
  • Asset allocation and investment advice
  • Wealth accumulation and preservation
  • Participant education

When you take advantage of our depth of knowledge and a wide array of resources, you’ll:

  • Get the peace of mind that comes with minimizing personal liability and financial risks.
  • Have confidence that plan fully meets compliance regulations.
  • Free up staff time by reducing management and administration burdens.
  • Delight finding cost-savings from plan expense controls.
  • Experience the satisfaction of knowing the participants in your plan will be better equipped to meet their retirement goals.

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