Davie Reed

Chief Programmer

Davie is responsible for managing the application software development and database administration for Thurston Springer.

Studied Computer Technology at IUPUI from 1977 to 1979. Well versed in all major languages such as: VB, VB.NET, Delphi, Pascal, C++, C#, Java, PDA Development, Assembler (ASM), Fortran, COBOL, Forth, HTML, etc. Additional experience in database systems include SQL, Paradox, DBase, FoxPro and others.

Davie began working with Thurston Springer in 2011. He successfully worked with Jefferson National Life Insurance for 2 years before starting his own software development company contracting with companies such as: Jefferson National, Sallie Mae (USA Group), Indiana Masonic Home Foundation, Scottish Rite, Crown Hill Cemetery, Kirby Risk, Alcoa, WaveTek, Cummins Engines, Borg Warner Gear, Simon & Simon and Executone Phone Systems.

Davie is published by QUE Corporation for programs earning awards in the information technology industry. Among them, “FLASH”, winning PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice Awards.” His expertise ranges in programming robotics, financial, statistical, insurance, standard database systems, networking TCP/IP programming and photographic image manipulation and image matching. He founded the Indianapolis IBM PC Users group in 1982, later changing its name to the Indianapolis Computer Society and was president the first 3 years with membership of over 2,000. Davie successfully booked many top speakers such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Dennis Hayes (Hayes Modems) and the president of Verbatim (diskette maker).

In his free time, Davie enjoys photography, playing volleyball and road biking. He is an avid philanthropist with American Red Cross, Wounded Warriors Project and the Girl Scouts.

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