With all of the available investment products that exist in this world, choosing the right ones for your financial needs can be overwhelming. Being a client of Thurston Springer means we have determined the suite of products designed with your success in mind. With almost forty years of proven experience and knowledge in the investment business, Thurston Springer will design a customized program fit for you to achieve your financial needs and goals.

General Brokerage
Lending Services
Cash Management

We do more than simply carry out a stock, bond, mutual fund option or investment trade. Our knowledgeable and experienced advisory staff researches the markets to provide appropriate recommendations to best suit your financial needs. 

Our Products Include:


Taxable and Municipal Bonds

Mutual Funds



Structured Notes

At Thurston Springer Financial, it is all about ease of use and access. We take the middle-man out of borrowing and give you the tools to utilize the available capital in your own portfolio. Securities-based borrowing lets you use eligible securities as collateral, so you can get the money you need today without disrupting your investment portfolio.With Thurston Springer you have access to the following products:



Margin Account

Enhanced Non-Purpose Loan

Secured Line of Credit or Secured Term Loan

Custom Loans

Borrow Need

Any Amount

Any Amount

$250,000 -$5,000,000

$1,000,000- Up


Check, Card, Wire

Check, Online, ACH, Wire

Check, Online, Wire



50% based on asset class

60%-90% based on asset class

50%-90% based on asset class

50%-90% based on asset class






It is our goal to help you achieve optimal efficiency in cash management by keeping cash simple  With tailored products and services in money market and short duration strategies Thurston Springer offers the guidance you need to make in your cash management solutions. 

Our product offerings include:

Laddered CD’s

Money Market Funds

Short Duration Funds

Treasury Options

Structured Product

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