Thurston Springer’s leadership team has extensive experience in the investment industry and has been carefully assembled to ensure the firm is provided with the energy, experience, imagination, and persistence to drive us forward.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets annually to review and evaluate the direction and financial navigation from the leadership team. This balance and collaboration allows for a sense of 360-degree feedback and review.


Support staff at Thurston Springer is comprised of our Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing & Recruitment, Operations Team, and Sales Assistants. Our talented group of professionals raise the bar when it comes to serving the needs of our advisors, clients and customers.

Fully Independent Financial Advisors

This map indicates the presence of our fully-independent* financial advisors located within the United States. These advisors take full advantage of the freedom to work anywhere they like, building their own brand, while enjoying Thurston Springer’s robust technology platform.

*Fully-independent advisors are independent of Thurston Springer’s managerial control, but not supervisory control.

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